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Daisy & Honey Bee's ArganRos..
Natural, organic ingredients with Argan oil and Rose water Tear-free formula keeps bath time happy! Makes hair soft, shiny and smooth Calming ingredients to soothe irritated scalp Vegan friendly and scent-free for sensitive users Suitable for all hair types Daisy and Honey Bee will make bath time your...
Daisy & Honey Bee's Argan & ..
Certified organic ingredients: shea butter and argan oil Rich moisturising conditioner delivers manageable, soft, frizz-free hair Fragrance free so will not irritate sensitive scalps A healthy, natural way to calm unruly hair and tame tangles Suitable for all types of hair When Daisy and Honey Bee join...
Honey Bee wants everyone to 'bee who they want to bee', and for their natural goodness to shine for all to see! That's why she's created Honey Bee's Kiddies Hair Serum to keep dry, frizzy and knotty hair at bay, allowing your child's natural waves and curls to shine the way they're meant to. Packed with...
Creamy hair Moisturiser deta..
Made with organic ingredients including ultra-hydrating argan oil 10 times better than spray on detangler 100% vegan friendly and fragrance free so it won't irritate sensitive users Moisturises and conditions hair to instantly relax tangles and eliminate frizz Great for all hair types A little goes a...